What We Do


At the end of the meeting, you will be provided with a detailed report that will help you to prepare your property for the great showings once it’s on the market.
We will work with your budget and timeframe.
Some of the common recommendations usually are:
– de-cluttering your house (if lived in)
– furniture placement
– some worthy investments that will increase the property value.

The visit is usually about 2-3 hours. We understand that sometimes you may need more time for the right questions. We will be happy to answer your questions over email.



After seeing the space you will be provided with the cost estimate (including furniture rental, minor repairs like painting, cleaning services).
When our work is done, your property will be ready for the “open house”.
Depending on the house this can be done in several hours or several days (e.g. if you decide to paint the walls or to update the floors).

This calculator may help you to see the benefits when your home is staged – Home Staging Savings



Other Services.

– Collaboration with other stagers;

– Real Estate Photography (coming soon).


Stay tuned for more great services!