Top 3 reasons why you need to remove your family photos when selling a house.

You most likely spent many happy hours at your home, and emotionally connected to it. But once it’s time to sell, your house needs to become a product. And this is the time when you need to detach from it and leave the emotions behind .Professional home stagers always recommend to put away your family photos and here are 3 main reasons why.


1.Buyers get distracted from the space. They have a temptation to look at your pictures trying to guess what kind of people live here. And you want them to focus on beautiful hardwood floors and a spacious master bedroom.

2. Buyers feel uncomfortable walking through “somebody else’s home”. And you want them to imagine their family living here and making their own memories in the house.silluet

3.Security. You don’t want buyers ( and strangers to you) to stare at your wedding and kids photos. They also don’t need to know that you spent last summer in Cuba or Italy. Not to mention that some people love to go from one open house to another just for fun,so let them “enjoy” beautifully photographed flowers or sunsets instead.DSC_0060

Office desk in the basement

And please remember, emotionally detaching from your home before you list it the first step to getting it sold!


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